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approved for transport under customs sealBD BIZCONTAINER SPAIN, SL is a company established in early 2014. Its activity is focused on the sale of maritime containers, such as transport units for shipments SOC (Shipper Owned Container).

This project was born with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm of its members, who have extensive experience of over 15 years as transport agents., in order to meet the needs of the freight forwarders / exporters, supplying all kinds of maritime containers, of as needed depending on the load to export, offering reliable equipment, safe and competitively priced.

We know the market needs in terms of maritime equipment and their requirements for shipment, so the different technical departments, evaluate and prepare the containers for every need. We offer advice for each application.

Once prepared the equipment with the higher standard of quality criteria, is inspected by an OCA / ECA entity, issuing The CSC Certificate, required for shipping.

Our Services

We offer containers...

new and second hand in the main Spanish and other ports in the world, trough our partners

We supply...

reliable equipment, safe at competitive prices, according to current regulations CSC

Our equipment...

It is inspected by an ECA / OCA entity issuing the certificate CSC

We have...

second-hand equipment standard, 20'dry van, van and 40'high 40'dry cube and special equipment: reefer, flat rack, platform, open tops, tanks

New equipment...

We offer standard equipment: 20'dry van, van 40'dry, 20'high 40'high cube and cube and special: Doors 20'Double New First Trip, 20 'Open Side New First Trip

We distribute...

equipment in the main European ports and the largest in the world

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